Who is ETC Holland?

ETC Holland is a compact, strong and dynamic organization with a lot of experience in bulk transport. We meet your need for transport capacity for dry bulk products, powder and granulates, throughout the whole of Europe. And we do it in a simple and clever manner!

What does ETC Holland do?

The bulk transport market is characterized by fluctuating volumes, ever changing destinations and an always returning imbalance. Thanks to a combination of own assets, a steady group of transport partners and return freight throughout the whole of Europe we create a flexible transport capacity, allowing us to react perfectly to wave movements in the market. Short organization lines and direct communication are our trademark.

So why ETC Holland?

ETC Holland is able to offer you a solution for every transport challenge you might have. This can be through steady, contractual transport flows or with spot based traffics and last minute solutions. Also there are possibilities for a more project based approach of a steady transport flow. Via a mix of own equipment, strong partners and a steady flow of return freights an economical solution can be created.